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January 9th, 2019

Summer, Sand, Surf – Hair Survival Guide

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Summer, Sand, Surf – Hair Survival Guide

Hot summer days, long summer nights lazing by the beach, is there any better feeling?

To make sure your locks are looked after all summer long, we have put together our best 5 summer hair care products for you.

Hair Survival Guide

1. Hair Sunscreen

Protect your hair from UV rays with RPR My Vitaliser, just apply this leave-in treatment throughout your hair prior to sun exposure, to keep hair hydrated and protected. Don’t forget to re-apply after swimming throughout the day.

2. Clarifying Shampoo

RPR De-chlorinate My Hair will remove minerals, salts and clarify your hair after you take that ocean swim or swimming pool dip. This product will remove harsh pool chemicals like chlorine and that awful green tinge everyone dreads.

3. Hair Detangle Spray

Ever find it virtually impossible to run a brush through your hair after swimming at the beach? To avoid this drama we recommend spritzing some RPR Untangle Me all over your hair, then start combing hair starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots slowly. You can also use this prior to swimming for UV protection from the sun.

4. Colour Protection

The sun’s rays can cause your beautiful new colour to fade quicker than you would like. In order to maintain your hair colour, we recommend using a hydrating range such as RPR Extend My Colour to gently cleanse and help extend the vibrancy of your colour with its built-in UV filters. This range is also enriched with Carob Amino Acids, Coconut Oil and Spirulina to help ensure your hair is repaired, strengthened and vibrant all summer long.

5. Hair Treatment

As hair can become quite dry over the summer months, consider treating your hair once a week with a hair treatment such as RPR Repair My Hair Keratin treatmentThe keratin proteins will deeply penetrate the cuticle to reconstruct hair from within to promote more healthier, stronger, smoother hair.


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