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rpr mycolour hair colour chart for hairdressers


A professional in-salon colour chart to show the Mycolour range to clients.

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  • Ingredients: Maiden Hair Marine Extracts

For professional use only.
Ask your hairdresser if they stock this product.

  • Details

    RPR Mycolour is an advanced reconstructing colour treatment with biostructurer marine extracts for long lasting colour, condition and shine.

  • Directions

    Mixing ratio 1:1.5.

  • Maiden Hair Marine Extracts

    A sought after red seaweed that is found in the shoals of tropical waters. It contains an extract with highly beneficial properties called biostructurer. Biostructurer is an active substance for restructuring the hair. It smooths and protects the cuticle, restoring flexibility and shine to dry damaged hair. Additionally, it forms a soluble film on the hair, which provides protection, during and after colouring ensuring stronger, healthier shiny hair with long lasting colour results.

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