lily james from mamma mia

July 27th, 2018

Get The Look | Lily James from Mamma Mia

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Get The Look | Lily James from Mamma Mia

We are crushing on Lily James boho do. Here’s how you can re-create her look with our Salon Only products.

  1. Towel dry damp hair and spray SO Hot thermal protector on the mid-lengths to ends of your hair in sections.
  2. For added moisture, strength and shine apply SO Magic to the mids and ends of your hair.
  3. Section your hair into 4 and blow-dry as usual.
  4. Ruffle up dry hair a bit and spray SO Swell. Blow hair with dryer to texturize a little.
  5. You can add a couple of curls with a curling stick or straightener on either side.
  6. Pull back and lightly pin the top sections of hair leaving about one or two inches on each side of head.
  7. Do a loose plait on either side, pulling out a small amount of hair to look a bit worn in, then pull back and pin at the back of the head.
  8. You could also put a pretty pin, flowers or head piece in to compliment your new do.

lily james hair from Mamma Mia


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