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June 22nd, 2018

Best Hydrating Hair Care Products for the Winter

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Best Hydrating Hair Care Products for the Winter

Winter has already set in, so now is the perfect time to start planning a hair care routine fit for the winter months. During winter your hair starts to lose moisture and shine, making it more prone to breakage, frizziness and not to mention dry scalps.

With a few simple tips, winter hair problems can easily be avoided.


Your scalp is generally drier and itchier during the winter months due to the harsh climate conditions. If you are finding your scalp getting dry and flaky, why not try our SO CLEAR Shampoo. Packed with comfrey root, nettle and peppermint oil to sooth the driest of scalps.


If you find that your scarves, jumpers and beanies are producing a lot of static, making your hair a frizzy mess, how about you try a leave-in treatment to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free. Our RPR Smooth My Ends is perfect to help smooth and moisturise your hair all winter long.


Your hair needs all the nutrients it can get during winter as heating and the cold winter air tends to dry out your locks. We recommend using a treatment such as AMIPLEX Enrich 3 once a week to restore strength, moisture and shine into your hair. It’s like a healing health cocktail for your hair.

These simple little tricks will have your hair looking fab all winter long.


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