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March 19th, 2019

New Foiling Technique – Strandlighting

Hair Supplies | WA

Learn a brand-new foiling technique – Strandlighting. Strandlighting is the brand-new foiling technique taking over social media. It was designed to create a softer and finer look than the baby lights. Strandlighting lightens a ‘pinch’ of hair at a time, resulting in a subtle colour change that blends seamlessly without covering your own base colour. Strand lights focus on the hairline for a bright, natural, sun-kissed finish that will fade seamlessly.

What will you learn?
– The difference between babylights and strandlighting
– How to apply hairline foiling
– Sectioning, weaving and placement of strandlighting foils
– Expert tips and tricks for foiling

What are the benefits to your clients?
– Low-maintenance finish
– Strandlights are perfect for detailing a balayage or ombré
– Perfect for clients who want sun kissed look while utilizing their natural pigment
– No horizontal grow out

*3rd year apprentices and above only.

WHEN: Monday 29th April 2019 | Start 10.00am till 2:00pm

WHERE: Hair Supplies, 1/1252 Albany Highway, Cannington, WA 6107

COST: $50 inc GST


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