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Salon Only

Salon Only Collection: SO HOT, SO STYLISH, SO YOU

Creative Director for RPR Hair Care Gaetano Zammit has created a captivating Salon Only collection exuding intrigue, depth and inspired by raw Australian style.

The collection flaunts chameleonic styles encapsulating mood, tone and fashion from innate magnificence to the bold and dramatic with voluminous and textured styles.

Gaetano Zammit an enthusiast photographer provided his artistic eye behind the lense, photographing the Salon Only photoshoot. Make-Up Artists Alicia Demiri and Rose Pezzutto integrated on-trend make-up to enhance collection styles displayed by SO models Simone and Leigh.


Looking SO effortlessly glamourous is now SO simple:

1.       Wash and treat with SO ESSENTIAL Shampoo and SO ESSENTIAL Conditioner.

2.       Spray SO HOT throughout the hair and dry 100%.

3.       Wind hair around a medium size tong, begining 4 inches away from the roots.

4.       Rub a light amount of SO POLISHED onto finger tips, then run them through the length of the hair and also over the top to  smooth fly-away's.


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