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2018 Brownlow Medal Red...

2018 Brownlow Medal Red Carpet Glam


2018 Brownlow Medal Red Carpet Glam
Summary: 2018 Brownlow Medal Red Carpet Glam - Get the Look with Tenisha Crook and Goal of The Year Winner Jack Higgins from Richmond Football Club.

2018 Brownlow Medal Red Carpet Glam

With Tenisha Crook and Goal of The Year Winner Jack Higgins from Richmond Football Club.

     RPR Hair Care

COLOUR:          RPR Mycolour by Rea Nicholls

STYLING:          Deco Hairdressing of Brighton by Aimee McManus

Tenisha's Soft Hollywood Feminine Waves

It is hard to go passed Hollywood style glamour when it comes to big events and Tenisha's soft romantic waves were perfect to frame her face and accentuate her backless dress.


Step 1:

Wash hair with RPR Rejuvenate My Hair Shampoo. **Expert tip: when creating a style that needs to hold for an event, it is better that the hair has texture and is a bit gritty for hold. So, skip the conditioner on this occasion.

Step 2:

Towel dry hair and evenly work through RPR Hair Stamina Strong Hold Cream Styling Gel. This provides texture, volume and hold. Section hair into 4 and blow dry with round brush.

Step 3:

Spritz hair with RPR Hold Me Gently from about 30cm away from hair. Roll hair into curls and pin. Leave to cool. Roll front small section in curls back away from face to create volume.


Step 4:

Unwind curls and gently brush out. To get some tighter waves from mid lengths to ends, wind sections with hot curling wand and spritz with Hold Me Gently. Gently brush out or loosen curls with fingers.


Step 5:

Finish with RPR Hold Me Tight Strong Hold Hair Spray with panthenol for hold and shine. For extra red-carpet shine, finish lightly with RPR Make Me Shine glossing mist.


Jack's Strong Hold Look

With hair as strong as his kicking style we needed products with stamina!


Step 1:

First wash hair with RPR De-Chlorinate My Hair. This is a deep cleansing product ideal for any sportsman as it gently cleanses hair of any oil and product build up.

Step 2:

RPR The Controller was the obvious choice for Jack as it has a very strong hold with a natural matt finish to give his hair direction. **Expert tip: ensure you work the product into the palms of your hands until it is warm and workable to ensure the product can be applied evenly to the hair. Work front section of hair to the side to give it direction and contrast to back.

Step 3:

Finish with RPR Hold Me Tight strong hold hair spray with shine for red carpet hold and shine.


 Images: @jackohiggins @tenishacrook @richmond_fc #brownlow2018

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