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How To Maintain Your Blonde...

How To Maintain Your Blonde Hair Over Summer


How To Maintain Your Blonde Hair Over Summer
Summary: The best way to maintain your blonde hair throughout the summer is to seal, clarify, cleanse, condition and treat. Read more...

How To Maintain Your Blonde Hair Over Summer


Colouring your hair blonde can be taxing on the hair cuticles and requires special attention to ensure your hair is hydrated, strong and lustrous all summer long. 

Add the summer sun and lifestyle into the process and, if left uncared for, the results can be damaging at all levels. Hair can lose tone, structure, manageability - leaving it extremely dry, frizzy and with no shine.

So, lets look at some ways to best take care of your blonde hair during the summer months and prevent it from turning a lovely shade of green after swimming.

      1. A brilliant blonde always starts in the salon with the correct tone to eliminate exposed yellow from the pre-lightening process.
RPR Mycolour reconstructing colour system has an array of blonde tone reflects to choose from. The colour reconstructs the hair as it works so that your hair will be smooth, conditioned and have shine.

Talk to your hairdresser about the tone of blonde you are aiming to achieve and they will recommend what would suit you as well as what would be the best for your hair.

      2. Next to maintain your blonde colour, use a mild blonde toning shampoo and conditioner such as
SO Blonde - infused with Kera-Cysteine proteins and native Australian extracts. These will help maintain your colour, keeping it fresh and bright without staining the hair.

      3. For those with a more platinum blonde, introduce once a week the 
SO COOL ultimate blonde toning shampoo and conditioner. Stronger in pigment to remove resilient yellow tones from the hair. 

These highly moisturising products will maintain the hair's optimum condition and blonde tones all summer long.



       4. Before jumping in the pool or ocean, sealing the cuticle with a leave-in treatment such as SO Miraculous will help prevent the hair absorbing chlorine or salt and prevent your beautiful blonde turning green.


Expert Tip: Green hair is caused by a build-up of chlorine entering the cuticle. The sun and chlorine both have the same affect as bleaching products. The ends of the hair are the most porous and damaged therefore the quickest to be affected by the chlorine and turn green.

Sealing the hair prior to swimming is always the best preventative and removing the minerals from the hair afterwards will prevents any build up.  

       5. Mineral build up is simply removed by using a clarifying shampoo such as SO Deep. Use as your first shampoo after swimming followed by your blonde toning choice of shampoo and conditioner.  

       6. For extra conditioning, consider treating your hair once a week with a hair treatment in replace of your normal conditioner. The treatment's proteins penetrate deeper into the cuticle restructuring the hair's bonds and fibres and smoothing the cuticle. This maintains the hair's strength making it more manageable and shiny.

SO Blonde Toning Treatment compliments well the Salon Only blonde product series and is best done Monday after a fun filled weekend in preparation for the week ahead.



In summary, the best way to maintain your blonde throughout the summer is to seal, clarify, cleanse condition and treat.


Have a great summer!

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